DJ Entertainment

Not just another DJ service! Why? Most DJ services are so caught up in the ton of equipment that they use, they have no time for your special needs. They feel that the more equipment they carry, the more professional they will look. How will they look? Cluttered? Unorganized? Unsightly at your special event!

Music Mania has a much different philosophy. We are Disc Jockeys for the present and the future! All of our equipment is attractively housed in a low key module which fits on a small table. All of our music is played digitally from computer for a clean, rich sound. With a selection of over 80,000 songs on site at all times, you can be assured that every guest will praise your excellent entertainment decision.

But wait! Sure we sound good! But that’s just the beginning. With over 30 years in the entertainment business, we know exactly how to make you and your guests come first! You can be certain that a great mix of music will always be played at your event. Requests are always taken and played almost immediately. Of course, it’s your special day!

If you have made the Music Mania decision, you can sit back, relax, be the star and enjoy the top entertainment that you have chosen.